Coca-cola Border Commercial

Well this is my chosen TV Commercial for the day. I love this commercial because I love coke.
We had to find the Client, Target Audience and Message of this commercial.
The client is obviously Coca-cola
This commercial shows us 2 Men dressed in civil war uniforms guarding their borderline making sure that not even one of them crosses, even little lolly wrap paper as shown on this video.
I find the message very interactive as discussed in class today, it shows us that even though we have enemies coke can unify us.
The target audience as discussed in class is ‘Americans’.
This commercial targets Americans and with the whole war and desert location, the characters brought this message to its audience.
Just enjoy a coke because it can bring happiness to anyone no matter the situation.
Its a really funny ad and I hope that the class enjoyed it as much as I did. 😀


Radio/Television Presenting

I am currently studying Radio/Television Presenting in MSL Training.

I chose this path as a new fresh start for my career and future.

I want to be able to learn how to work within the radio and television industry.

I expect to learn how to manage and work in this industry especially with radio.

I would love to be a radio announcer or even a TV presenter in the future.

It is my goal to achieve this, learning how to become a radio/television presenter.

I want to further my knowledge in this industry. I also expect great opportunity for me in the future when I complete this course.