V48Hour Film


" 7 Dollar Special "

* Choose Hers *

So this is our V48Hours film for the 2011 V48 Hour competition.
Today we found out that we have been nominated and the whole class is really excited!
This shows great effort for the class and I am happy that I was a part of this.
I can not wait for the results and hopefully we do get this price.
:D. Shot 7 Dollar Special!


Experience for TVC Shooting Day

So yesterday I was suppose to participate as a Director of Photography (DP) with Jason’s TVC but that did not go as planned. I participated as supporting actor for Mihi’s TVC and it was fun. Had a good time at her shooting.

Yesterday I started some of my shooting because Jason was not here, than finished off today.

It was harder than I thought but I did see it coming and I like to be prepared for whatever challenge in any situation. Some things are just out of my control. So today I came prepared.

Mihi took role for me yesterday as my DP, she did a great job. Today I wanted to take charge and experience being a DP which was more of a challenge for me because I also had to be Director.  Directing on the other hand, I enjoyed it. It was a good experience and I intend on furthering my knowledge in this area.

Everyone did a great job with their roles, actors and actress were great! I could have not done it without them. Thanks Fred, Luan, Jay Z and Mihi.

Overall, I can not wait to work on editing and making that final touch for the whole TVC, that’s when the real magic begins. I have learned so much from this experience that I can take with me, it is indeed a great pleasure knowing that I am able to these things. Anything is possible if you work hard for it and that’s how I feel about my TVC shoot today.


So yesterday in class we started shooting for each of our TVC. We started off with Luan then Fred, today will be Mihi and Jason and on Friday, me Junior and Krystal will be doing our shooting.

Yesterday’s shooting I participated as Luan’s supporting actor. This was great fun and good experience. I enjoyed this shooting because we had a good shoot even though there were little problems with outdoor shooting, cars and planes and noises which was out of our control, but in the end  job was done. Everyone on this shoot and the director Luan finished way before his time given, so overall I enjoyed this shoot. Lyra took photos of us while shooting and Luan did a good job directing.

Looking forward to today’s shooting as I will encounter the role of Director of Photography and also participate as a supporting actor again, can’t wait!

Tomorrow will be my shooting day so I am excited for this experience.

TV Commercial Project

So today in class its all about our TV Commercial. We all sorted out our own idea and product for a TV Commercial. Next week we will be shooting but for now it is time to create the script and storyboard for my TVC, which means I gotta get to work right away.
My product is office chairs, pointing out how comfortable they are to use especially for my target audience which are office workers.
By next week I hope to be able to handle the camera well in my DP role and also being Director for this TV Commercial project is something I look forward to.
Editing on the other hand is another story. I am glad that I edited my shot from Wednesday and to have Lyra point out the little bits that could be fixed to make the film look better was great for me. It’s always good to learn from your mistakes. It has only been a week and I have learned quite a lot these past few days.
I learned how to do camera work, Directing and basic editing.
I look forward to more lessons.


Yesterday in class, we studied quite a lot about camera. How to handle a camera, how to shoot, learning about white balance, exposure, focus and shutter speed, so basically we learn how to use a camera.
This class was very helpful especially for myself I’m no expert with cameras, all i know is pushing the record button, rewind and fast forward buttons.
After yesterday’s class I now know how to set the Shutter Speed, Exposure and Focus on a camera. I also learned about White balance which was confusing at first but after experiencing I got the whole idea of these things. They are important because you want your shoot to look great. Who would wanna watch a badly shot film right?
I also learned about camera angles, shots and movement. This lesson on camera really helped me and I would love to do more camera work. It is like getting to know a whole new creation for me. I honestly never thought I would get to this level but now, since I have reached that knowledge on camera, it’s quite interesting and still a bit of a challenge for me that I still want to succeed in.
We also each rotated taking turns yesterday on Directing, DP’s and Acting. Each of us came up with our own idea for a shoot and today we will be editing.
I directed a story about a guy breaking into a car. Luan was my actor, Jason was a supporting actor and Fred my DP.
Luan’s story was about 2 people playing with a trolley one sitting in it, and the other one pushing. They ended up in a crash which was really funny and I enjoyed being part of it.He had me and Fred as his actors, Fred being main, Jason was his DP.
Fred’s story was about a guy dropping his coin without even noticing this, another one saw the coin and took it without giving it back to its owner. Fred had Jason as his main actor and Luan supporting actor while I was DP.
Being DP was fun but also a challenge for me, it comes down to getting the right shot which took me a while.
At the end of the day it all worked out and I enjoyed every part of this lesson. My knowledge has developed and I look forward to more.
Thanks Lyra and also the class 😀

V 48Second Film “Show V the money”

Here is our V 48 Second film for 7DollarSpecial 😀 . we entered the V competition and our scene is from the Jerry Maguire movie ‘show me the money’ we titled ours SHOW V THE MONEY.
We had to shoot a 48 second scene from a film and show the V Energy Drink while shooting.
This was a one day shoot for us. Was fun shooting I was in charge of props with my fellow classmate Krystal. I also acted as the girl with her back to the camera..yes…that’s me!
Our main character as Tom Cruise was Luan, Jason acted as Cuba (shirtless guy) and Fred was Cuba’s side man, cheering him on in this video. Mihi was our Director. We all had a chance at editing, Mihi, Fred and Luan each had a chance being DP’s. Our shooting took place in MSL’s building.
Proud moment as we all found out, shocking and surprisingly, even though we did not come in any place, we won HIGHEST ENERGY FILM.
The day we found out about our success we were told by Mat (our tutor at this time) that we were not to touch the computers, he scared us saying that they found virus on the computers so we had to wait for our principal Gill to come and talk to us. I really thought I was in trouble. You should have seen the look on our faces. I was going in that whole rewind mode of what I have done on the computer that may have caused me to be the prime suspect of this virus breakout.
Later on we found out that he tricked us not wanting us to see that we won a prize. 😀
It was a very scary (funny that) and proud moment for us all as a class and school. We were literally screaming, jumping up and down hugging everyone in the room. That is ENERGY!
Well Done 7DollarSpecial!

30 seconds TV Commercial

So today in class was really interesting. We had to come up with a story behind a magazine ad and a photo. This was very fun and cool because along the way, for me I struggled coming up with a story that was just totally random. Lyra helped me to think out of the box. It was really effective fast and it is amazing what you can think of in just a few seconds and also the creativity in your mind that you never thought possible.
I love the whole idea of creating your own story and telling that story so that it could be reached across to your audience or listeners.
Today Luan had a really fascinating story about an underwater princess, real cool , Fred was about befriending an alien…nice and Mihi miss partying hard! 😀 Love it, had a twist to her side of the story, which I expected to have a horrifying end but was a bit of a mystery .. real cool. I on the other hand had a story about a little boy hating on trees? yuhh! long story short.. he fell off the tree.
Any ways now were working on our own story for a TV commercial cant wait to hear about everyone’s ideas and of course cant wait to shoot this.
Thanks Lyra 🙂