Radio Announcers

It has been two weeks back from our one week holiday and we are now working on Radio.
We are fortunate enough to have our own radio station/studio here in our school. 107.3 Watt FM which we will be working in for the couple of months.
The class draw out genre from our tutor Lyra, to research background and information about the artist/album
Last week Fred started off broadcasting with female rock artists from the 80s to the 90s and I gotta say I LOVED HIS MUSIC SELECTION. He did a great job with this genre.
Mihi then broadcast with KIWI MUSIC selections and I did enjoy this as well. Krystal had classic music which was great to listen to.
Today Luan is on air playing Bollywood music and is very exciting.
Jay-Z will be on after Luan playing The Beatles music selection.
Tomorrow I will be broadcasting World music from Africa to Asia, quite a choice for me as I do not know this genre but after researching I find it enjoyable to listen to.
We all have 1 and a half hour each to broadcast live on 107.3 Watt FM.
Lately after hearing everyone else’s session I am excited for my turn.
107.3 Watt FM will be live from now on and our class had to each pick our own sessions and the type of music we want to play.
I picked Rock music for Tuesday, Fred chose Old Skool music for Wednesday, Mihi International hip hop & Rnb, Krystal chose Techno beats both on Thursday, Luan chose latino and Jay-Z soul music for friday.


July 29th 2011 MSL Training Graduation Ceremony

On this day I was Director for the Graduation Ceremony as I came in second for our 30 Second TV Commercial competition.
The Ceremony was very fun and enjoyable even though it did go on for more than 3 hours, filming this event was fun for me.
As Director I wanted to achieve this shooting by interviewing students and possibly parents or families who attended the Graduation.
It was a great experience for me and along with a great team we did what we could on this day.
There were dancing and macarena moves, it was great fun! Everyone seemed to enjoy this day after all it was a proud and happy day for graduands and staff.
I would like to thank again my fellow classmates Jay-Z who was the camera man, Mihi and Krystal the Interviewers and Luan who helped out in camera work and assisting me as Director. If it was not for them this filming would have not been possible and I would like to thank them including Fred as well who was suppose to be my camera man on the day, but could not make it due to his daughter’s birthday! I’m glad he made the effort to call in.
Congratulations to all Graduands. I can not wait to edit and finish off the film for this special MSL Training day!


Congratulations to Luan for winning the 30 Second TV Commercial.
He is going to be our Director for Dress for Success commercial. Our first big client especially for our class this is a great opportunity.
I came 2nd in this competition, Mihi and Fred were close in 3rd and 4th
Jay-Z and Krystal were disqualified from the competition but they still do have a chance to finish off their work and submit for marks.

AVID TVC Editing

Yesterday I finally finished editing my 30 Second TVC.
I have learned so much about AVID.
We started off with the basics and that was really fun. My Final Cut is now done and I am proud of myself for finishing off my TVC.
Editing was fun but also a lot of hard work. I had to set my mind on this and making my TVC look as good as it can be, sound effects as well had to be perfect and flowed well with my story.
I felt that during my editing time it was stressful but after viewing my Final Cut I felt proud and relieved that it is done.
Today we will be looking at everyone’s 30 second TVC and judged for the winner of the best TVC. I am looking forward to this as the winner will be Director for our first ever real client “Dress for Success”.


30th of June- The class went on a tour to Radio NZ in Auckland City. We met quite a few people and on this day it was not as busy as I expected it to be.
The offices looked really simple to any other office but they are all in one big room besides the studios, news room, editing room which I find interesting. Once I saw this setting I felt that the Radio NZ work place would be a fun place to work in.
Everyone was really friendly.
I learned so much about Radio and how much networking and skills you need in order to be a part of this industry.
Being in this industry I learned that you could be able to do anything within this industry if you are cut out for it, which means a lot of hard work and great skills in Radio.
It is amazing just looking at the equipments they use and the way they work together as a team.
This was one great experience for me and I enjoyed this tour
Thanks Lyra 😀

Being an Editor

So on Monday and Yesterday I learned with the class from Lyra how to use Avid Media Composer 5.0.
After directing and filming our own TVC we were to edit our own TVC down to 30 Seconds.
I started off a bit lazy on Monday when using this Avid, editing is not my thing and I never thought I would say this, but, after watching a bit of ‘The Cutting Edge’ yesterday I could have not been more excited than I thought I would be.
Usually I would leave class at 2.30pm but yesterday I stayed till 4pm doing editing for my TVC, yes! that is how excited I was to edit.
My sequence for my TVC came down to 1 minute and 1 second this was just the assemble edit, then I started doing my Rough cut using my storyboard. I started to get a bit uneasy and lost hope on my TVC thinking that this was not going to happen, it was not going well for me. I then started to cut it down till 34seconds yesterday! phew! and to think I was going to quit. This is one crazy work for me.
Today it is all about editing my TVC and making it look smooth for my Final Cut next week. I still can not wait for the full result.
I am also looking forward to participate in Krystal’s shooting today and see how far the class has come from when we started with Lyra.

UPDATE on radio/tv class

Recently I have been busy working on editing my 30 Second TVC. Class all of a sudden just got busier than I expected. This is a good thing for me because class was never as busy as it is now.
I just want to CONGRATULATE Fred, Luan and Jay-Z for their success lately in achieving great opportunities, Fred as Personal Assistant for an intern-ship, Luan and Jay-Z acting roles with Kam Models and Talents. Great Job guys! Good Luck and All The Best!
So far in class I am enjoying how much I have learnt about camera work, Directing, Director of Photography, acting and now the fun part EDITING. We learnt Monday and yesterday how to use AVID Media Composer 5.0. We also watched a bit of ‘The Cutting Edge’ film and this blew my mind away. I just want to watch the whole film now. You have got to watch it.
Editing is a lot of work but I have to say it is interesting and fun even though there is so much to do, editing looks really cool. Your mind is evolved in so many ways you never thought possible.
After watching The Cutting Edge, all about different great Editors of big successful films, I was excited to edit and I felt like someone who was going to perform a magic show. It is so amazing how editors talk about their work and experience, the way editing began in the 1900’s. their relationship with the Director, reading the Director’s mind 100%, sounds crazy but It is what it is. It comes down to the Director and editor to make a great movie happen.
Starting at this course I did not know what to expect, it has been a wild ride for me because I came here expecting nothing but Radio experience and now! I am doing more than that.
The side of TV work for me is something I love to do now. It is fun, creative and amazing.