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Pre-Production for 04th October DFS TVC Shooting

Pre-production is all about preparing for tomorrows shooting. The script, shotlist and storyboard for our Dress for Success TV Commercial is ready. Timeline, check-list and our equipment is ready as well and I am excited for tomorrow’s shooting on Queen Street. I am hoping that we will pull it off. Fingers crossed!
MSL Training Ltd., Manukau Radio, Television and Presenting Tutor: Lyra Garzon Stewart
Director: Amanda Petelo
Producer: Mihi Tarawa
Production Assistant: Krystal Koti
Editor: Luan Nascimento
Camera-person: Fred Tararo
Camera Assistant: Junior Luwe Wind
Cast: Veena Lord, extras Seini, Julia, Mack and Rob


DFS TVC Rehearsal and Radio Documentary

Today I was amazed at how many students wanted to participated in the DFS TVC shooting that’s coming up next week Tuesday. Yesterday me and my classmates went around the other classes in MSL Training Manukau recruiting students who wanted to be extras for the commercial. We had some really great students come in today to participate which made me feel confident and happy for the shooting to come. We rehearsed the scenes, had fun and I can not wait for the shooting day.

We also read our documentary on air today in the studio. Hearing the feedbacks from my tutor and classmates makes me realise my mistakes and what I need to work on. Looking forward to finishing the final cut for this radio documentary.

Class Update

Wow its been a while since my last blog which comes to show how busy class has been. We worked on shooting for Dress for success corporate video September 6 and finally am now editing.
We will also be working again on doing another TVC for DFS as the last one was not successful. I am now going to Direct this TVC and I am excited about it.
Last week we had a mock interview to test our interview skills and looked at how how Cover letter and Resume` were written. I have been learning a lot from this experience and with Elizabeth and Lyra’s help I feel more confident to be a part of this industry.
I am excited to send out cover letters and my CV for internship that has opened up thanks to Lyra for pushing us to apply.

Volunteer for Cancer Society- Daffodil Day

Last week Friday, I volunteered to help the school on Daffodil day. This was my first time and it was a great experience for me.
Some of my classmates were with me on the day standing at Countdown Supermarkets in Mangere with buckets and Daffodil flowers for anyone’s donations.
People were really supportive and helped donate for the Cancer Society. This was great fun and I would love to do this again next year.
Thanks MSL Training. 😀

Skype with Channel 9 News Reporter Stephania Jimenez

Last week Thursday Lyra gave us the opportunity to Skype with a news reporter in El Paso. We were told to prepare questions for Stepahania concerning TV/Radio Presenting.
The class came up with a bunch of questions for her and we found it really exciting to Skype with her.
My first impression on Stepahnia is that she is beautiful and well-presented with her looks. She was fun and easy to talk to and she had a really great personality.
I learned a lot from her as a news reporter, it is a busy life filled with schedules and deadlines. But this was something she loved to do.
Thanks to my tutor Lyra for this opportunity.


So we found out on the 2nd of August that we were getting new equipments and today all the equipments are here. Seeing these equipments is very exciting for the class as we have better and reliable equipments to use in our shooting now.
So far we completed the Dress for Success shooting which I did not attend due to a surgery I had on the same week. My role was editor but instead of doing that I did script writing and now I will be the editor for the Corporate Video for Dress For Success.
We are also currently working on a Radio News Feature with our own issue and topic. My topic is “New Zealand Passport Scam”. The rest of the class has some really interesting topics which I can not wait to see. I really am enjoying this class and there is a lot to learn.
We also got help from Elizabeth Stewart with our Cover letter and Resume, thanks to Lyra, this is a really big help for us especially learning how to write a good cover letter and resume.
It has really been a busy couple of weeks, we also found out that our “Fresh Quest” a competition for MSL Students to showcase their talent, is now back on so it is our job to run this show.
Today we will be on Skype with a NBC Channel 9 News Reporter ‘Stephania Jimenez’, will be asking her questions and I am excited for this opportunity.
There is so much happening with this class and I am happy to be a part of it. The experience and work is great and fun. I am learning a lot and taking it all in as a success in my life.

Good News

Today in class we were told that we will be equipped with better and more equipments for our class. This is definitely great news for the class and also for our Dress for Success commercial that is coming up.
We are very excited for this role and thanks to Lyra and MSL Training for all the support they are giving us with this course. It is definitely worth it and I can not wait to see these equipments and learn how to use them. We will finally have lightings and microphones for our class to use during a shoot. This means better quality for us as a Radio/Tv class. Having another battery for the camera is also great because we only had one battery.
This course is taking a big step forward and my level of excitement keeps rising. 😀