So we found out on the 2nd of August that we were getting new equipments and today all the equipments are here. Seeing these equipments is very exciting for the class as we have better and reliable equipments to use in our shooting now.
So far we completed the Dress for Success shooting which I did not attend due to a surgery I had on the same week. My role was editor but instead of doing that I did script writing and now I will be the editor for the Corporate Video for Dress For Success.
We are also currently working on a Radio News Feature with our own issue and topic. My topic is “New Zealand Passport Scam”. The rest of the class has some really interesting topics which I can not wait to see. I really am enjoying this class and there is a lot to learn.
We also got help from Elizabeth Stewart with our Cover letter and Resume, thanks to Lyra, this is a really big help for us especially learning how to write a good cover letter and resume.
It has really been a busy couple of weeks, we also found out that our “Fresh Quest” a competition for MSL Students to showcase their talent, is now back on so it is our job to run this show.
Today we will be on Skype with a NBC Channel 9 News Reporter ‘Stephania Jimenez’, will be asking her questions and I am excited for this opportunity.
There is so much happening with this class and I am happy to be a part of it. The experience and work is great and fun. I am learning a lot and taking it all in as a success in my life.

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