Radio Announcers

It has been two weeks back from our one week holiday and we are now working on Radio.
We are fortunate enough to have our own radio station/studio here in our school. 107.3 Watt FM which we will be working in for the couple of months.
The class draw out genre from our tutor Lyra, to research background and information about the artist/album
Last week Fred started off broadcasting with female rock artists from the 80s to the 90s and I gotta say I LOVED HIS MUSIC SELECTION. He did a great job with this genre.
Mihi then broadcast with KIWI MUSIC selections and I did enjoy this as well. Krystal had classic music which was great to listen to.
Today Luan is on air playing Bollywood music and is very exciting.
Jay-Z will be on after Luan playing The Beatles music selection.
Tomorrow I will be broadcasting World music from Africa to Asia, quite a choice for me as I do not know this genre but after researching I find it enjoyable to listen to.
We all have 1 and a half hour each to broadcast live on 107.3 Watt FM.
Lately after hearing everyone else’s session I am excited for my turn.
107.3 Watt FM will be live from now on and our class had to each pick our own sessions and the type of music we want to play.
I picked Rock music for Tuesday, Fred chose Old Skool music for Wednesday, Mihi International hip hop & Rnb, Krystal chose Techno beats both on Thursday, Luan chose latino and Jay-Z soul music for friday.

  1. Playing DJ is a fun exercise that teaches all of you to think quickly, speak confidently on air and research your playlist. I’m looking forward to your regular programming. 🙂

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