July 29th 2011 MSL Training Graduation Ceremony

On this day I was Director for the Graduation Ceremony as I came in second for our 30 Second TV Commercial competition.
The Ceremony was very fun and enjoyable even though it did go on for more than 3 hours, filming this event was fun for me.
As Director I wanted to achieve this shooting by interviewing students and possibly parents or families who attended the Graduation.
It was a great experience for me and along with a great team we did what we could on this day.
There were dancing and macarena moves, it was great fun! Everyone seemed to enjoy this day after all it was a proud and happy day for graduands and staff.
I would like to thank again my fellow classmates Jay-Z who was the camera man, Mihi and Krystal the Interviewers and Luan who helped out in camera work and assisting me as Director. If it was not for them this filming would have not been possible and I would like to thank them including Fred as well who was suppose to be my camera man on the day, but could not make it due to his daughter’s birthday! I’m glad he made the effort to call in.
Congratulations to all Graduands. I can not wait to edit and finish off the film for this special MSL Training day!

  1. You and your crew did an excellent job! Like I said, it was not only me who noticed it but also my colleagues and the attendees. Good job on your first big directorial project.

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