30th of June- The class went on a tour to Radio NZ in Auckland City. We met quite a few people and on this day it was not as busy as I expected it to be.
The offices looked really simple to any other office but they are all in one big room besides the studios, news room, editing room which I find interesting. Once I saw this setting I felt that the Radio NZ work place would be a fun place to work in.
Everyone was really friendly.
I learned so much about Radio and how much networking and skills you need in order to be a part of this industry.
Being in this industry I learned that you could be able to do anything within this industry if you are cut out for it, which means a lot of hard work and great skills in Radio.
It is amazing just looking at the equipments they use and the way they work together as a team.
This was one great experience for me and I enjoyed this tour
Thanks Lyra 😀

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