UPDATE on radio/tv class

Recently I have been busy working on editing my 30 Second TVC. Class all of a sudden just got busier than I expected. This is a good thing for me because class was never as busy as it is now.
I just want to CONGRATULATE Fred, Luan and Jay-Z for their success lately in achieving great opportunities, Fred as Personal Assistant for an intern-ship, Luan and Jay-Z acting roles with Kam Models and Talents. Great Job guys! Good Luck and All The Best!
So far in class I am enjoying how much I have learnt about camera work, Directing, Director of Photography, acting and now the fun part EDITING. We learnt Monday and yesterday how to use AVID Media Composer 5.0. We also watched a bit of ‘The Cutting Edge’ film and this blew my mind away. I just want to watch the whole film now. You have got to watch it.
Editing is a lot of work but I have to say it is interesting and fun even though there is so much to do, editing looks really cool. Your mind is evolved in so many ways you never thought possible.
After watching The Cutting Edge, all about different great Editors of big successful films, I was excited to edit and I felt like someone who was going to perform a magic show. It is so amazing how editors talk about their work and experience, the way editing began in the 1900’s. their relationship with the Director, reading the Director’s mind 100%, sounds crazy but It is what it is. It comes down to the Director and editor to make a great movie happen.
Starting at this course I did not know what to expect, it has been a wild ride for me because I came here expecting nothing but Radio experience and now! I am doing more than that.
The side of TV work for me is something I love to do now. It is fun, creative and amazing.

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