Being an Editor

So on Monday and Yesterday I learned with the class from Lyra how to use Avid Media Composer 5.0.
After directing and filming our own TVC we were to edit our own TVC down to 30 Seconds.
I started off a bit lazy on Monday when using this Avid, editing is not my thing and I never thought I would say this, but, after watching a bit of ‘The Cutting Edge’ yesterday I could have not been more excited than I thought I would be.
Usually I would leave class at 2.30pm but yesterday I stayed till 4pm doing editing for my TVC, yes! that is how excited I was to edit.
My sequence for my TVC came down to 1 minute and 1 second this was just the assemble edit, then I started doing my Rough cut using my storyboard. I started to get a bit uneasy and lost hope on my TVC thinking that this was not going to happen, it was not going well for me. I then started to cut it down till 34seconds yesterday! phew! and to think I was going to quit. This is one crazy work for me.
Today it is all about editing my TVC and making it look smooth for my Final Cut next week. I still can not wait for the full result.
I am also looking forward to participate in Krystal’s shooting today and see how far the class has come from when we started with Lyra.

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