Experience for TVC Shooting Day

So yesterday I was suppose to participate as a Director of Photography (DP) with Jason’s TVC but that did not go as planned. I participated as supporting actor for Mihi’s TVC and it was fun. Had a good time at her shooting.

Yesterday I started some of my shooting because Jason was not here, than finished off today.

It was harder than I thought but I did see it coming and I like to be prepared for whatever challenge in any situation. Some things are just out of my control. So today I came prepared.

Mihi took role for me yesterday as my DP, she did a great job. Today I wanted to take charge and experience being a DP which was more of a challenge for me because I also had to be Director.  Directing on the other hand, I enjoyed it. It was a good experience and I intend on furthering my knowledge in this area.

Everyone did a great job with their roles, actors and actress were great! I could have not done it without them. Thanks Fred, Luan, Jay Z and Mihi.

Overall, I can not wait to work on editing and making that final touch for the whole TVC, that’s when the real magic begins. I have learned so much from this experience that I can take with me, it is indeed a great pleasure knowing that I am able to these things. Anything is possible if you work hard for it and that’s how I feel about my TVC shoot today.

  1. way to go Amanda you did really well with your TVC yesterday and today considering you had to reshuffle your actors around and having to take on the role of a D.P as well, now that’s what you call multi tasking. i cant wait to see you put all your hard work filming your TVC together and watching the end result..

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