So yesterday in class we started shooting for each of our TVC. We started off with Luan then Fred, today will be Mihi and Jason and on Friday, me Junior and Krystal will be doing our shooting.

Yesterday’s shooting I participated as Luan’s supporting actor. This was great fun and good experience. I enjoyed this shooting because we had a good shoot even though there were little problems with outdoor shooting, cars and planes and noises which was out of our control, but in the end  job was done. Everyone on this shoot and the director Luan finished way before his time given, so overall I enjoyed this shoot. Lyra took photos of us while shooting and Luan did a good job directing.

Looking forward to today’s shooting as I will encounter the role of Director of Photography and also participate as a supporting actor again, can’t wait!

Tomorrow will be my shooting day so I am excited for this experience.

  1. That’s cool your enjoying yourself acting and really gaining a lot of experience at the same time and today your filming was also a experience for yourself in the since of been a director/producer and its good to see your showing us what you want and how you want it.. keep expanding your ideas and experience in what ever you decide to do in your career.

    • msltrainingradiotv
    • June 23rd, 2011

    Great job directing and multitasking. I am disappointed that Jason and Krystal did not show up, particularly Jason. One succinct words of wisdom that was passed on to me is that, “We make our own choices, we pay our own prices.”

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