V 48Second Film “Show V the money”

Here is our V 48 Second film for 7DollarSpecial 😀 . we entered the V competition and our scene is from the Jerry Maguire movie ‘show me the money’ we titled ours SHOW V THE MONEY.
We had to shoot a 48 second scene from a film and show the V Energy Drink while shooting.
This was a one day shoot for us. Was fun shooting I was in charge of props with my fellow classmate Krystal. I also acted as the girl with her back to the camera..yes…that’s me!
Our main character as Tom Cruise was Luan, Jason acted as Cuba (shirtless guy) and Fred was Cuba’s side man, cheering him on in this video. Mihi was our Director. We all had a chance at editing, Mihi, Fred and Luan each had a chance being DP’s. Our shooting took place in MSL’s building.
Proud moment as we all found out, shocking and surprisingly, even though we did not come in any place, we won HIGHEST ENERGY FILM.
The day we found out about our success we were told by Mat (our tutor at this time) that we were not to touch the computers, he scared us saying that they found virus on the computers so we had to wait for our principal Gill to come and talk to us. I really thought I was in trouble. You should have seen the look on our faces. I was going in that whole rewind mode of what I have done on the computer that may have caused me to be the prime suspect of this virus breakout.
Later on we found out that he tricked us not wanting us to see that we won a prize. 😀
It was a very scary (funny that) and proud moment for us all as a class and school. We were literally screaming, jumping up and down hugging everyone in the room. That is ENERGY!
Well Done 7DollarSpecial!

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