Yesterday in class, we studied quite a lot about camera. How to handle a camera, how to shoot, learning about white balance, exposure, focus and shutter speed, so basically we learn how to use a camera.
This class was very helpful especially for myself I’m no expert with cameras, all i know is pushing the record button, rewind and fast forward buttons.
After yesterday’s class I now know how to set the Shutter Speed, Exposure and Focus on a camera. I also learned about White balance which was confusing at first but after experiencing I got the whole idea of these things. They are important because you want your shoot to look great. Who would wanna watch a badly shot film right?
I also learned about camera angles, shots and movement. This lesson on camera really helped me and I would love to do more camera work. It is like getting to know a whole new creation for me. I honestly never thought I would get to this level but now, since I have reached that knowledge on camera, it’s quite interesting and still a bit of a challenge for me that I still want to succeed in.
We also each rotated taking turns yesterday on Directing, DP’s and Acting. Each of us came up with our own idea for a shoot and today we will be editing.
I directed a story about a guy breaking into a car. Luan was my actor, Jason was a supporting actor and Fred my DP.
Luan’s story was about 2 people playing with a trolley one sitting in it, and the other one pushing. They ended up in a crash which was really funny and I enjoyed being part of it.He had me and Fred as his actors, Fred being main, Jason was his DP.
Fred’s story was about a guy dropping his coin without even noticing this, another one saw the coin and took it without giving it back to its owner. Fred had Jason as his main actor and Luan supporting actor while I was DP.
Being DP was fun but also a challenge for me, it comes down to getting the right shot which took me a while.
At the end of the day it all worked out and I enjoyed every part of this lesson. My knowledge has developed and I look forward to more.
Thanks Lyra and also the class 😀

  1. that’s awesome that you got a lot out of yesterdays lesson and its good to see you participating and getting involved.. you taking notes and asking questions shows your willing to learn as much as you can. you did great taking the role as a director and explaining what you wanted and how you want it done.. awesome effort yesterday keep it up.:)

    • msltrainingradiotv
    • June 16th, 2011

    Amanda, you were cool, collected and knew what you wanted as the director of your video. Good job!

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